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Request services from thousands of providers, hundreds of category offerings, from simple home tasks to industrial level jobs, all done by you or by them.

Quick Repairs


What we do is connecting you to others, and connecting others to you. Not just anyone, but the right people for the job


Sign up as a user in two steps.
Complete your profile and request jobs in no time


Apply as a provider. Get approved in 24h and search millions of jobs requested by people just like you


Either a provider or a user, get paid, get reviewed, get matched, and complete your job successfully

Power of 2

Hire & get work done.

Quick Repairs
Request a job

Millions of providers are ready to help you. Describe your request & add photos, videos or voice notes and they will contact you

Hire and track your provider

Choose the handyman that fits best your need, check his rating, track his location and chat

Secure payment options

We provide you with multiple payment options. Choose the recommended payment through our system and secure payment from any fraud and insure on any losses

Review and complete

When the job is completed, mark it as done and add a review for the provider

Quick Repairs
Search for a job

Find and apply to thousands of jobs based on your expertise and your location

Get hired for your services

Check job request details (images, videos, voice notes and description) Bid or apply amd agree on the terms & needs with job owner and get hired

Track your progress

Use the mobile application to keep track of the job progress and to update the job with new images or video for proof of additional work and get approval for additional costs

Complete your job and get paid

Mark the job as completed, get the job owner confirmation and get paid

Integrated secure wallet

Your wallet is secured and online payments will be directly transfered

Services and job search

In need of a handyman or you are a handyman searching for jobs, Quick Repairs is made for you.

Integrated posting tools

Post a service with advanced options, attach a voice & images, get bids or just hire with the amount you choose, flexible and powerful tools for you

Quick Repairs

Get hired, be the next provider

Apply for a provider and search for service requests in your location, refined search and tracking tools, complete work and get paid easily

Quick Repairs

Available now on the App Store

We are Operating Now in South East Michigan and Expanding Soon.

Quick Repairs

App Highlights

Powerful tool for all types of services.
Connect. Hire. Get paid.
Easy. Fast. Secure.
Good Hire
Google Maps

Safe, Secure, Simple App

All workers are verified, all payments are secured, all jobs are insured and all our focus is on user experience

Provider Background check

Our comprehensive investigation and analysis focuses on criminal background searches

Worry Free Insurance coverage

Using our recommended secure payment, all your job posts will be insured against loses up to 1000$

Secure Payment Gateway

Pay online with your credit card and have your request secured and insured